Money Management

Analyse your own situation and risk profile (character, life-style, time horizon, objectives, etc), then reflect this is a portfolio of funds or ETF us- ing the examples and providers chosen from David Costa’s book (you can also use any ETF available in the Morningstar database). Before selecting the investment vehicles you will need to determine your asset allocation and justify it. You are not obliged to prefer ETFs over investment funds; make you choices and say why. Introduce an element of timing into your invest- ment plan. Please note: As this is an essay you will need to use appropriate referencing system using the Harvard referencing system. You will be penalized for inaccurate, missing and erroneous referencing. If you are unsure on how to reference using the Harvard referencing system please review the video tutorial at

Word limit: 3000 words (tables, bibliography and annexes excluded).

Pedagogical aim and expectations:

1. To critically evaluate the financial instruments available for investments

2. To analyse and evaluate the role and influence of the main actors in financial markets, both private and public.

3. To analyse the link between macro-economic forces and financial markets

4. To evaluate the risk and reward of investment possibilities and develop an investment strategy and portfolio

that demonstrates informed investment decisions