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Create a mock IRB application based on research proposal

Go to the Saybrook
website and review the SIRB procedures for obtaining approval for conducting research at Saybrook. All research conducted in association with Saybrook by students or faculty must be reviewed and approved by SIRB prior to involving participants or collecting data. For this course, complete an application as if you were really going to ask for review and approval of this research proposal. You will not actually submit it to the IRB for review, but you will need to upload the mock application. See related documents in this Unit for help in completing the mock application

Use this URL: to go to the Saybrook page which explains the Saybrook Institutional Review Board process. On the left side there is a list of links under IRB, the first of which is Applications and Forms. Go to that page to download the latest version of the appropriate IRB application(s), and complete that form as you would if you were proposing a real research project. (You will actually go through the IRB review process three times during the program: for the Level II research course; for the Research Practicum; and for your dissertation.) Once you have completed the application, upload it

will attach the proposal
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