Mexican institutions and corruption: the rooted problem within the economy Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Style: Times New Roman 12ppnnNumbered pagesnnFirst Page title then abstract and keywords second index or table of
contents.nnAfter the introduction you have to talk about the literature review (existing papers on the same subject and explain what we are
going to demonstrate)nnInclude question(s) within the introduction (actually formulate the questions we are about to answer in the intro).
nInclude tables and graphs.nnHow are Mexican institutions affected by corruption and how does that repercute on the Mexican Economy
(PIB etc)? Where would the Mexican economy be today if we eradicate corruption?nnIMPERATIVE! This is an economic history project so
you have to follow these three parts preciselynn1] Demonstrate the student’s ability to collect, synthesize, organize, present and discuss
exhaustively the content of the literature existing about a research topic (mention existing papers and discuss EXHAUSTIVELY it has to be
good non superficial work you truly have to analyze the existing works to compare to what you’re going to do next)nn2]
Analysis:nIdentification of empirical research a question raised by one or two academic papers;nDemands
advanced skills in
researching, gathering or collecting quantitative data, your organization based on the original data handling and analysis through empirical
analysis techniques (statistics, econometrics), and good analytical skills for interpreting and presenting data (tables, graphs). n(Analyze
the questions raised by the papers and create an econometric model to see what they did: variables, how they are correlated etc)nn3] It
embarks points 1 and 2 but adds something new which in this case would be to forecast how the Mexican economy would be today without
corruption.nYou have to develop an econometric model explain why you chose those variables and how are they correlated with the
economy (how it affects it) you have to contrast the model you have created with existing ones from other papers that have tried to solve a
similar question and draw the main conclusions.nnPresentation (Powerpoint)nnMotivation
work (the motivation part I can write it) and
studies that already exist (literature review)nResearch
question you are trying to answernMethod
used, data, quantitative techniquesnResults
and conclusionsnnI can give you more than 2 weeks whatever time you need but I need a precise thorough and well done work
not something superficial so if you need more time it is not a problem just make sure the paper is coherent, there is data and that you build
an econometric model from scratch to contrast with the others and see how it affects the economy.nnFollow this guideline:nn1. Have I
answered the specific question that has been raised? Have I divided it innseparate questions and I answered?n2. I have covered the
main aspects? Have I made deep enough?n3. Is the content relevant? Is this particular content?n4. Have I arranged the material
logically?n5. The trial progresses smoothly from one section to another? And, in a paragraph tonother?n6. Each point is supported by
examples and the argument itself?n7. Did I mention all sources and references?n8. He made a clear distinction between my own ideas
and the ideas of others?n9. Does the test appropriate length?n10. I have written in a clear and simple way?n11. grammar, punctuation
and spelling acceptable?n12.Have I made a convincing case that would justify an argument?n