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Maths Autobiography

  • What is your overall attitude towards math and why do you think you feel the way you do? Thinking back, I don’t recall the moment when I first realized that math was not the subject for me. I believe I was born that way. Every time I attempted to focus and started on a good track I quickly got thrown off. I never could keep up and of cause everyone would want to know your score to then criticize how dumb you were. This made me avoid math completely.  When I entered the real world I found I did not really use any of the things I studied relating to math, so I felt ok about not enjoying math or being a math guru.


  • How did your family, friends, teachers, and other people influence your feelings about math? At home I never talked about school period. My mom did not have any education past the second grade and my older brothers, well they never spoke about school nor did I ever see them studying or doing any type of school work. So at home math was not a pressure I had to deal with. The only math my friends and I spoke of was counting our money when we became “rich”, other than that not a topic. My teacher use to tell me to make sure I pass the math classes need to graduate and I would be set. So you see math was not very important in my earlier years.


  • How confident are you in your math skills? If you lack confidence, what do you think you can do to improve? Truthfully I’m a dull knife when it comes to text book math and school math but I’m confident to believe with the different means of support and technology to help one learn I can do it. There are so many advanced technologies that substitute the traditional teaching of math. For me using a combination of technics I can achieve a passing grade.



  • How do you feel about seeking help with math? Have you ever been tutored in math? How was your experience? I have never been tutored in math before. It was quite embarrassing as an adult to have HS or college student tutor me or even to let someone know how poorly I do with the subject. I do remember taking an elementary algebra class in college and actually learning and enjoying that moment. I was in a class room of other adult learners who were also in the same boat. At that moment no one was judged and it felt like a safe zone.      


  • What math class or classes will you take for your major? For my current major am required to take one College Mathematics class which is just basic college math. I don’t feel too overwhelmed by it at the time because I know I must eat the elephant one bite at a time and my mind frame is not that of an 18 year old any longer.


  • How can math be used in your career? Ironic as it may seem. I use math every day in my career. Being a Payroll Administrator I’m responsible for processing 1400+ personal’s payroll. But to me I don’t see it as accounting/finances. I just see it as my job. Thanks goodness for computer and calculators I’m able to execute my job proficiently. But I guess computers and calculator would never have been without math. Watching the short introduction video We Use Math – was quite inspiring. How it mentioned that math was a language of its own and how it is not just numbers really hits home, since I do experience that every day at work. I don’t only just enter number all day.


  • How can math be used in your daily life? I’m well aware we must all know basic math as it is a fundamental part of our everyday life. But seeing math for what it is, that is the secret. We use math when cooking, driving, even when bringing live into this world, as we count contraction or measure the heat beats. Math is a part of our world and it is involved in everything we do, even if we don’t view it as so.


The EDReady site was enjoyable and easy to explore. It catered to all learning styles which will be very helpful to may. I especially enjoyed the video instructor lead class, when confirms my kinesthetic was of learning. The site does make me feel that it is possible for me to learn and perhaps like math.