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Personal Development Paper (15%)
You will complete a number of different personal development measures throughout the semester. From these self
assessments, you will choose one trait you will target for development that is particularly relevant to you. You will then
develop at least one strategy to help you develop this trait, implement this strategy and then observe the results.
Components of this assignment include:
1. SelfAssessment:
• Complete a minimum of 3 selfassessments.
Share what these assessments were and provide an overview of the results.
Assessments are available on MyManagementLab. Other academic personal assessment tools may also be used.
• Be sure to share both your strengths and areas for development.
• Provide further support for these findings by using reallife
2. Trait Focus and Personal Case:
• Choose one specific trait you will focus your plan on.
• Explain why you have chosen this trait using real life examples of times when this disposition has impacted your life.
• Provide support, using at least two academic, peerreviewed
articles, outside the required course readings, that illustrate the
importance and relevance of this disposition.
3. Desired Outcome:
• Consider where you are now with this trait, where would you like to be?
• Explicitly outline your desired state when it comes to this trait.
4. Specific Strategy to help develop Trait:
• Set a goal and action plan using the SMART goal strategy (SMART goals explained and template and provided on
5. Implement the strategy:
• Follow through on the steps you have outlined in your SMART action plan.
• Provide evidence of this completion as an appendix (picture, receipts, note from supervisor, etc). Evidence must explicitly