Paper details
• Step 1: Complete “Active Listening Skills” inventory. Make note of the final answer you receive.
Step 2: Complete Survey Inventory Completion test.
• You will have 2 questions. The first one will ask you to copy in the results of your Inventory (just highlight the results, rightclick
on your mouse and select “copy,” then right click again in the essay box for the first question, and select “paste”). The
other option is to type in the results manually.
• The second one will ask you to reflect on what you have learned from this exercise by writing an essay response.
• Please note that your reflection has a number of requirements, including a minimum word count, strong writing, and
integration of sources.
• To help you understand how to properly integrate sources into your reflection (which is a requirement and an
expectation), please use the following resources
o Integrating Sources Handout from Milne Library, SUNY College at Oneonta, NY
Step 1: Active Listening Skills Inventory
Click on the heading above to access Week 2 Survey Inventory Assignment. If the link does not open, copy and paste the
link below into a new browser window.
Step 2: Survey Inventory Completion Test
You may go in and out of this test as many times as you need to. Please feel free to open it up to review expectations for
entering your results and responding to the reflection.
Question 1: Full credit is awarded if results are copied or typed into the essay box.
Question 2: Maximum of 70 points
• up to 30 points are awarded for a strong personal reflection;
• up to 30 points are awarded for your ability to integrate readings and accurately cite and reference all sources (aim for 34
citations, and at least 1 academic reference);
• up to 10 points are awarded for strong writing style (please note that if there are more than 5 spelling mistakes in the
reflection, an automatic score of “0” is awarded please
use spellcheck)