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Type of assignmentResearch Paper

Number of pages12

Language styleUS English

Academic levelMaster`s

Paper formatMLA

Line spacingDouble

Number of sources50


Revision commentsEnsure that paper is of the real master’s level work. Check grammar and sentence structure, do not spend too much time telling me what you are going to be telling me about and not writing about the topic with deep thought, analyzing, and discussing the topic

10/19 5:11 AM

The paper is repetitive: the same sentences repeat from time to time
References are not well formatted
The paper needs proofreading
Check the file To Revise
Outline is needed

10/29/16 1:57 PM
Hi writer I have finally gotten more information for the proposal great work over all on your writing, however it does not propose a study or if it did it was not clear. I will upload information on the formatting and some preliminary data for an idea I had reading the paper. Malaysian reclamated land is being used for homes and recreation resorts so how about a proposal to map soil properties using VISNIR and EM-38
The idea behind it being that since the soil is homogenized there will be some areas you want to avoid building on
It’s just an idea. If you have another idea for a proposed study I would love to hear it.


I need a research proposal on Malaysia mine reclamation. It needs to be formatted according to US Department of Agriculture requirements. Please provide me with an outline, and a plagiarism check upon completion.

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