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I want to lose weight.

(Reason: The overcoat is too small for me now since I have grown stouter. I was a skinny. I gained 20 pounds since I have come in U.S)


By end of February 2016, I will lose 10 pounds.I will join the Lahaye gym and spend three nights a week at a gym doing cardio vascular exercises for around 1-2 hours for the next five weeks.On weekends, I’m going to go swimming for an hour for the next five weeks.


I will try to motivate myself.

I will schedule when I will exercise.

I will record and evaluate the quality of each workout session.


Midpoint summary

I have been trying to focus on losing weight in the past 2 weeks. In the past I used to exercise regularly and tried to maintain a good diet. But due to lack of time and motivation I was not able to schedule my training properly. Recently within the past 2 weeks I have buckled down and made a list of things which will help me motivate and move forward in achieving my goal of losing weight. My schedule included 2 hours of cardiovascular exerciseevery day for next 5 weeks plus swimming, one hour during weekends. My plan also included proper diet which required me to cut down of excess sugar and salt. Diet also included having healthy breakfast instead of skipping it. It’s been 2 weeks since I started my strategy and have been on track. Within the past 2 weeks I was able to lose 3 pounds which was really impressive compared to my past experiences. My greatest fear is skipping my exercise plan since in the past though I had a good start on exercise plans, on a long run I usually start to lose focus and miss the timetable. This time I have made a group where each one of us will make sure that everyone in the group follow the schedule of exercising regularly, Which not only helps me to keep track of the time but also have fun.