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Reflection essays (30%): During the course of the semester, you will write two essays on two films of your choice—one
from the first half of the semester, the second from the second half of the semester. The essays should be 1,000 words,
Times Roman or other serif font. I will be providing feedback on each graded essay; the goal is that you
will use that feedback to improve on the second essay. Grading: The essays will each be worth 15% of your overall grade
and assessed on the following merits: 1) Strength of argument—this is not a review, and therefore you are expected to
present a clear thesis statement related to the film and back it up with a structured argument that draws on at least three
references (you may use the textbook and assigned reading(s) for the film, but they DO NOT count towards your three
references) 2) Quality of writing (strong sentence structure, no grammatical errors or misspelled words, clear, concise
language, etc.) 3) Overall structure and flow of essay (Is there an opening sentence? Do you have an introduction, body,
and conclusion? Do the pieces fit together logically?)
The short film I have chosen is “Life of Crime” Here is the link: