Letter introduction custom essay – Write My School Essay

Write a letter introducing yourself to me. This letter should include:

1. Things that make you you, who you are outside of class, who you are in class, yadi yada.

2. What your past experiences are with English, writing, and reading. Let me know what your feelings are toward the subject at hand.

3. What skill level you feel like you are at when it comes to English, writing, and reading.

4. A defining moment that… well… defines who you are as a reader, writer, speaker, English based human.

5. What you hope to get from this class. (And “just to get through it” is an acceptable answer… it’s good to have goals). What do you hope to learn?

6. Anything else you need/ want to tell me.

Please put this in a proper letter/ email form… because that is what it is. If you do not know how, email me and I will reply back (as I always do) with a formatted email. (Please note that I do encourage creativity. If you want to not put it in proper letter form, go for it. Then explain your GOOD reason why.)