Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment :

Learning Outcomes Tested in this Assignment :
1. To study features of the English legal system and the legal rules affecting business
2. To explain the role of justice administered in the role of resolving commercial disputes

Assessment Criteria
Outline and articulate the statutory and common law provisions in
relation to the relevant law. Use a wide variety of case law to
illustrate the legal issues.
Critically analyse potential problems regarding the application of
the law as it applies to the English legal system.

arguments are used throughout.
Wide ranging references with the correct use of the Harvard
Quality of the written work. Clear structure to the work and
correct spelling was used throughout.

Answer all the following tasks and questions.
Part 1.
Question One
Construct a diagram representing the English court structure.
Question Two
It is often argued that the doctrine of judicial precedent is too rigid and does
not allow judges to develop the law. How do judges avoid the rigid doctrine of
Question Three
Construct a diagram representing the creation of an Act of Parliament.
Question Four
Briefly explain the main rules of statutory interpretation. Do you think it is a
good idea that judges can be creative in interpreting statutes?
Question Five
A) Briefly outline the 4 main institutions of the European Union.
B) What is the difference between direct effect and direct applicability?

Assignment One “ Part Two
Do not exceed 1,000 words in Part 2.
Sarah has operated a hairdressing supplies company from her home for the
last 4 years. A regular customer of hers is Lucy who runs a salon in town.
Unfortunately Lucy has always been rather slow in settling her bills, much to
Sarah’s annoyance.
Recently Sarah sold to Lucy a large amount of supplies totalling £2,500. The
invoice form delivered with the goods clearly stated that payment was to be

made on delivery or within 7 working days. 14 days later Lucy had still not
paid Sarah.
Sarah asks you advice as to how she may recover the money owed to her.
(a) Advise Sarah about the merits of using the various alternatives to court
(b) Should the various alternatives to court action fail, outline the procedure
Sarah would have to follow should she wish to begin court proceedings
against Lucy. Explain to Sarah which court her claim is likely to be heard
in, the procedure she can expect, and any disadvantages you can
identify with the procedure.



• Demonstrate an understanding of the need for involvement in quality assurance in a variety of organisations.

• Illustrate the justification for quality assurance activities.

• Identify the contribution by the quality assurance department during the design and development of products or services.

• Appraise the control of goods and services through supplier evaluation, control and inspection methods.


The objective of this assignment is to review any quality, quality assurance or operational process that is being used in an organisation that you are familiar with.

1. Write a report, of approximately 1500 words in which you explain of the following:

i. How can quality or quality assurance be applied to any organisation?

ii. How has quality or quality assurance been applied to any organisation? Please also give a critical appraisal of this application (evaluation).

iii. How has ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 been implemented (or in the middle of) in an organisation?

iv. How can any other quality associated operational process be introduced or a critique of one that has been introduced, e.g. M.R.P., Lean, “5-S”, J.I.T., Six Sigma, O.P.T., etc.