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Describe in detail the learning needs of one particular group of EAL/D learners. o The size of the group, their cultural and language backgrounds, the year level and the learning needs are up to you. If you have never taught EAL/D students during practicum placements you could gain information about EAL/D students from a practicing teacher, friends or they might even be family members. Alternatively, you could gain descriptive information from an educational journal article that describes a group of EAL/D students, or you might find an educational video on YouTube or Teachers’ TV that introduces a group of EAL/D students’. • Apply your knowledge of the English curriculum the language backgrounds of your students to design a teaching and learning activity that focuses on students’ speaking and listening skills. o Describe ten minutes of your activity in detail, explaining the rationale behind the activity and reflecting critically on the speaking and listening demands of the task. • Reflect critically on your activity: What are some possible issues that might arise? o Which issues should you discuss?  Differentiation  EAL/D principles  Opportunities for evaluating students’ learning needs  Communication strategies  Pedagogical strategies Preparation • Read the set texts and use the assessment criteria below to ensure you read and write with a clear purpose in mind. • Use the CDU library’s search engine to do a bit of research on the learning needs of your group of students • Write notes as you read and highlight difficult words or complex ideas and share them on the discussion board • Contribute regularly to online discussion board activities as they are designed to develop your ability to meet the assessment criteria for this assignment Presentation Submit your essay as a single word document via the Learnline assignment submission link. Your word document may include visual content, subheadings and dot points but these should not be used to replace detailed description and clear and succinct explanation and discussion. You should write in first and/or third person voice. Avoid second person voice (‘you’). Assessment criteria Criterion 5: Apply pedagogical knowledge to effectively plan for differentiated teaching and learning. Criterion 6: Apply basic principles of teaching standard spoken and written English to speakers of others languages and dialects. Criterion 7: Evaluate the language needs of particular groups of EAL/D learners. Criterion 8: Demonstrate a range of verbal and non-verbal


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