Leadership v.s Authority/ Adaptive Challenges v.s Technical Problems Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

View the movieTh?e Queen (2006) directed by Stephen Frears.
Write a 10-12 page paper discussing the leadership and authority issues/challenges portrayed in
the assigned film.
The following questions should guide your reflections, though the paper should ?NOT? be structured as a questionnaire.
Questions that should be answered in your paper:
1 What is the purpose(s) of the monarchy and the parliament in Britain as portrayed in ?The Queen film? What are some of the tasks which flow from the purpose(s)? How does the role of Prime Minister fit into the picture?
2 Discuss the? ?adaptive challenge being faced by the British people after the death of Princess Diana during “That Week.” Consider the perspective of “That Week” from several different stakeholder points of view.
3 Cite specific instances? of ?formal authority including how the social functions of authority were taken up?
4 Cite specific instances of? ways in which ?leadership was exercised (and by whom)?
5 Discuss how the system engaged the role of the Queen and identify specific instances where informal authority was gained and/or lost. What were the implications for her formal authority?
6 Discuss the significance of the events and actions surrounding the decision to fly (or not to fly) the flag at half mast over Buckingham Palace. H?ow does this relate to adaptive challenge vs. technical challenge?