Leadership Portfolio

When we look at organizations from past and the present as well as apply conjecture into the

future, obstacles will emerge, whether in (a) our career paths; (b) the way subordinates,

colleagues and superiors view us (c) our leadership style; and (d) the preparation needed to best

accelerate our professional opportunities especially in a global and highly diverse world.

Organizations are represented by people from a vast array of backgrounds and life experiences

(i.e., personal, professional). Since we must work in a œdiverse world, introspection regarding

our own leadership, communication, and thinking styles is key to understanding our successes

and failures as leaders.

As an aspiring leader, it is critical that you understand leadership issues through many lenses.

For this assignment, you are asked to create a Leadership Portfolio addressing the topic œWhat Is

Leadership and Who You are as a Leader. In the Blackboard link for Written Assignment Two

you will find a series of questionnaires that will help you explore different aspect of your

leadership style. Select a minimum of 5 of these instruments or you may select any other

instruments you find appropriate. Complete each instrument and include it in your portfolio. In

addition, you will need to include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources to support your



Successful responses to this assignment should be relevant to your future as a leader, both

personally and professionally. Through this assignment, you should learn more about yourself as

well as be able to assess key characteristics of organizations. In your research, you should look at

other future thinking organizations that are continually changing and redefining the way they

conduct business and deal with the culture.

For this assignment only, you may write in first person where applicable (especially with your

survey results).

Your task is to research and answer the following areas:

1. Define leadership: from research as well as your opinion;

2. Explain who you are as a leader;

3. Examine and analyze results of the surveys you select;

4. Imagine what your legacy would be;

5. Reflect on strengths and areas to develop; and

6. Justify your actions to overcome obstacles.