Lars and the Real Girl Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

 Written report – “Lars and the Real Girl” treatment plan
(length: 15 pages)
Lars Lindstrom (from “Lars and the Real Girl”) comes to your office seeking psychotherapy. Incorporate the learnings of the course that have been presented to as great an extent as possible, as you evaluate Lars across such dimensions as conditioning, irrational thinking, cognitive distortions, schemas, automatic thoughts, mindfulness and/or any other areas that you may choose to include. Offer your recommendations as to what items you would include in a treatment plan for Lars, his family, co-workers and friends. You may include his and their positive attributes as well as those that could benefit from your treatment. Minimum length of paper: 15 pages
Please make sure this paper is free from grammatical errors as this is for a CBT(cognitive Behavior therapy) class and needs to be well written.
Paper also need to demonstrate current baseline knowledge and conceptualization of entering the psychotherapy realm.
“Lars” treatment plan written report accurate and concise identification of relevant factors, concepts, ideas, and self-reflection and insight
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