Corporate Communications Memo

You are the head of corporate communications at Johnson & McKinney, a multinational bank with its corporate headquarters in Chicago’s central business district.  In recent weeks, FBI field agents in Chicago have gathered intelligence that foreign militants are planning some type of terrorist activity in an unspecified urban area in the Midwest.

While it is unlikely your building will be targeted, it is one of the largest in downtown Chicago, one of the world’s largest urban areas.  Therefore, government officials are recommending thorough searches of all individuals (employees, visitors, and service personnel) entering and leaving the building during and after office hours.

This will likely be an inconvenience for employees.  Bags and briefcases will be checked thoroughly.  Employees will be asked to empty pockets; some will undergo more thorough searches similar to those conducted in airport terminals.  What recommendations can you make to help facilitate the smooth implementation of this plan? Keep in mind what we discussed about ways to organize information (Direct vs. Indirect). You must decide what information the groups NEED to know, what they shouldn’t be told, and most importantly, how the information should be presented to them to be effective.

It is your team’s responsibility to disseminate this information to all employees (create individual scenarios).  Decide who needs to receive this information and how the information would best be represented in memo format.  Keep in mind that you will be calling people to action, and you want them to internalize your message.


?    1000 word minimum, over 4 different documents (3 memos + 1 explanation essay)
?    USE at least 1 indirect and 1 direct means of organization
?    Needs to be a series of 3 memos to Johnson and McKinney employees/customers. Your memos should cater to specific audiences (i.e. general staff, management, security, custodial, customers.), and a significant part of your grade will be determined by how effectively you reach that specific audience. Each of the three memos should look distinct from the other two memos (avoid the temptation to copy/paste portions of the memos).
?    The 4th document will be a one-page explanation of the different ethical/organizational choices you made in order to create these memos. I want you to consider 4 main areas: 1)How you chose to phrase this sensitive issue 2)What ethical issues did you need to consider 3) What organizational/formatting techniques did you consider, and why did you settle on what you ended up using 4) What did you do to address the specific needs of each audience.
?    DOES NOT need to have a visual, but you can include if you feel it will be effective
?    Should address a professional audience
?    Should look and feel like a professional memo