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watch video and answer, other people’s anwer include!(attachment)
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Please answer and discuss the questions below with your fellow group members after viewing the video:nnLa Belle Epoque: Paris
19001914 (Links to an external site.)nnnnPlease remember that collaborate means
that you will have to contact/initiate communication with other group members!nnAs a group, collect Global Phenomena/Forces that
paved the path for La Belle Epoque. In other words, WHAT made La Belle Epoque possible? Who was affected, HOW? Were there loser
and/or winners? What changed/was transformed? Did La Belle Epoque last? If not, or if so, WHY? nnPlease evaluate the video in the
context of your findings: what was in included? What was excluded? Is the video’s focus and information representative of all
causes/historical contexts?