Knowledge Management/ Health care organization Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

sharing in organizations is an inexpensive way for Knowledge Managers to help organizations overcome barriers
and become more competitive. In this project, students will draw on their cumulative knowledge of KM, and specifically from
the readings on Communities of Practice, to propose effective knowledge sharing strategies.
You will follow preestablished
rules for capture, validation, refreshing, and expiration of content. The least formal might be
Facebook. The most formal might be an ongoing, complex, scientific research project. Of course, most Ksharing
solutions are
in the middle of these extremes.
You will prepare a Report on Ksharing
strategies for the selected type of organization. The strategies recommended should
be consistent with the type and attributes of the knowledge to be shared, a full understanding of communities of practice, and
the purpose of the Ksharing
Your organization is health care