Juvenile Matters

One of the major controversies in the criminal justice system involves the handling of juvenile offenders. The system allows juvenile records to be expunged after juveniles turn eighteen and focuses on their rehabilitation rather than punishment. However, some attempts have been made to get tougher on serious juvenile offenders, particularly the transfer of juveniles to adult courts.
Submission Details:
By Saturday, October 18, 2014, in a minimum of 250 words, post your responses to the following questions to the Discussion Area:
What is the rationale behind the transfer of a juvenile to adult courts (include the factors that should be present for the juvenile’s transfer and the evidence considered in the transfer hearing)?
Discuss whether you believe fewer or more juveniles should be transferred to the adult courts in the future. Justify your answer with a rationale.
Discussion Grading Criteria and Rubric
All discussion assignments in this course will be graded using a rubric. This assignment is worth 40 points. Download the discussion rubric and carefully read it to understand the expectations.