Joystick controlled model car

Project description

initial report for my next final yr project you can see my project Specification and i want use Arduino as micro controller and similar to this as joystick :

The requirement for this project is to design and build a 4 wheeled car with proportional speed and direction control. The controlling device is to be a joystick wired

to the car. It will be necessary to interface the joystick to a microcontroller to input the speed/direction information. The microcontroller will output appropriate

drive signals to the propulsion motor and steering servo. It may be considered preferable to achieve speed and direction control by driving wheels on each side of the

car with different motors and independently adjustable speeds (such as on a tank).

Technical Areas:
PC input devices
Technology of model cars

This project has the scope to achieve a threshold pass if a car is built, interfaced to a joystick and basic speed control achieved. A first class mark is achievable

if steering control is incorporated and the product performs well enough to be sold as a quality toy.

marking scheme :
Requirement capture and Objectives 10%
Analysis of requirements 30%
Plan, milestones, costing & Risk analysis 20%
Background Theory and Research & initial work done 30%
Method of working 10%