Journal entry 10

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Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

The focus this week is on trauma, another key analytical tool of
restorative justice. In this week’s DVD viewing, Joe Solanto covers
the biological and psychological effects of trauma. Explain the
implications of trauma to both victims and offenders. What possible
effects does this understanding of trauma have on current criminal
justice practices, from arrest, through court to incarceration? In
what way does restorative justice address trauma? what is the evidence
that restorative justice processes has successfully addressed trauma?

n the two sample you may find enough information regarding both, and
please synthesis those with the reading. And please incorporate the
reading more than once, and include critical thinking to reflect your
own perspective,opinions or feelings. All sources must be cited.

here is the video which should be used in this reading; œprison Trauma
Workshop, Joe solanto up the tributary streams of a healing river.
Heartspeak Productions. (2008) you may find more about the videos in
the two samples.