Investing & Financial Markets Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Paper details
Please note that the calculations required for point 1 and 2 are to be done in the excel file, “Portfolio tracking worksheet”,
which will sent separately as I am unable to upload it. Also, I will be sending another excel file with the historical data of 5
years for the respective 9 companies chosen.
I will have to stress the importance of the accuracy of the calculations required in points 1 & 2 as the entire coursework will
be based upon those calculations. Therefore, it is a must to show the formulas for all calculations done as they will be
15 references from either academic journals or published books is required for the 1500 words essay (points 3 to 14).
referencing and a proper reference list is mandatory as well.
In addition, please remind the writer to adhere strictly to the marking scheme included in the pdf file which I had uploaded
while making the order.
Also, all share price and dividends information should be obtained from Yahoo Finance UK.
I thank you in advance for the great work