Improving guessing and determan attack, and algebraic attack on Trivium and Bivium ciphers Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

1-How to improve Guess and determine attack On Trivium and Bivium cipher. 2-I need the optimal way and a good direction to improve the guessing method to conduct the experiment in order to get interesting results worth to publish. 3- I included some references may help and you can add more. 4-please mention the best paper can help me to start my work.
5-(important) I already modeled the trivium system of quadratic equations, I submit this assignment here with writer and he suggest using graph method which is complex and need a lot of memory I need different attack based on system modelling and internal state attack or any algebraic attack.
6-(important) I need clear direction to start my computations and attacks, either new direction or enhancing and improving exiting method.
7-(important) I need a) theoretical framework
b)very specific steps and clear plan to do the work
8)please if something not clear please let me know