Idea of Landscape and American Dreams

Project description

Answer EITHER following prompts in essay format:

(1) How is the idea of the American Dream refuted and/or supported in the

stories Isabel Wilkerson tells in The Warmth of Other Suns? What is the

role of place, landscape, and environment in these stories?

(2) Using both Sacred Subdivisions and other easily obtained data (such as

youtube clips, Saddleback web materials, etc.), elaborate on the relationship

between the American dream and Saddleback-style American



a. Paper length: 6-7 pages (around 2000 words), 12 pt font, Times Roman, double


b. Chicago style bibliography (in-text citation)

c. A minimum of 3 outside academic sources. Absolutely no wikipedia or the like.

Books must be from an academic press. Articles must be from academic


d. Your paper must have a strong, clear thesis statement (a thesis statement does

not have to be a single sentence.)

e. Your paper ultimately must be a clear defense of this thesis statement. What is

the evidence you will bring forth for your defense?

f. Your paper must have a clear structure with a logical progression.

g. Please give an appropriate title.