�Conceal carry and gun-free zones

�Conceal carry and gun-free zones

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narrow the broad subject into a manageable topic, and give at least three reasons (examples) supporting your thesis. In order to support your thesis, you will need to

include at least two outside sources. You must incorporate your sources into your essay through quotes, paraphrases, summaries, or some combination of the three. Since

you are using other people�s research and ideas to support your thesis, you will need to include internal citations. � In order to begin narrowing your subject, you

might generate a series of research questions about the topic itself. (e.g. Should individuals be allowed to conceal carry in gun-free zones? Does announcing that one�s

area is gun-free increase safety or make an area more vulnerable? Would allowing conceal carry in gun-free zones increase people�s safety?) These questions will help

you form your thoughts on the topic, focus your topic, and find areas to research, all of which will help you develop your thesis.
� In an exemplification essay, you are giving the reader concrete and specific examples (reasons) that support your thesis. Therefore, you might find it helpful to

write a three-part thesis.
� Write in the 3rd person (he, she, a person, people, etc.). Do not use the first person �I� and the second person �you.� This is your essay, so there is no need to use

the first person and say �I believe� or �I think.� Of course, you think this, you are writing it!
� Remember that a paragraph consists of an assertion (topic sentence), evidence, and a significance. You must provide support for your assertion. You can use one

extended piece of evidence, or you can use multiple examples. Also, ask yourself, why am I saying this? What am I trying to achieve in this paragraph? Why is this

important? These three questions will help you find your significance.
� Consider writing paraphrases or summaries on a notecard or separate sheet of paper before placing that paraphrase or summary in the essay. If you try to paraphrase or

summarize a source while writing the essay, you might end up unintentionally plagiarizing�a serious error that will result in a zero on the essay.