Human Biology

Human Biology

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Human Biology


Mr Ojomu is a 42 year male of African origin. He has a demanding desk-based job and frequently has to work long hours. He rarely eats regular meals and so has developed a habit of snacking on foods with high salt, fat and sugar contents. He routinely drinks at least 4 cups of coffee a day and at least one bottle of coca cola. Recently he has noticed that he has put on weight and easily gets out of breath when walking, he feels tired on waking, often suffers muscular aches and pains and experiences bouts of anxiety over his workload.

  1. a) (500 words)

Using four of the systems from the list below, explain what steps Mr Ojomu should take to improve his overall physical and mental health. Include in your answer how the body systems you have selected work together to normalise body functions.

Human body systems

  • The endocrine system
  • The nervous system
  • The digestive system
  • The cardio-vascular system
  • The respiratory system
  • The urinary system
  • The lymphatic and immune system
  1. b) (300 words)

Selecting two of the remaining body systems you did not include in your answer to (a) demonstrate through the production of annotated diagrams and a short explanation your understanding of the structure and function of these systems in maintaining human health. Your diagrams should be hand-drawn and you should clearly identify and accurately reference the original sources of the diagrams.

TASK 2 (300 words)

Miss Smith is a 17 year old female who is studying for her A Levels at Sixth Form College and has a part time job at the local supermarket in the evenings. Miss Smith smokes cigarettes and has recently given up participating in netball citing work demands leaving her no time for her sport. She is underweight for her height and her diet consists largely of carbohydrates and proteins with very little fats, fruit or vegetables. She travels by bus and tube daily to get from home to school and work.

Using the template below complete the table to explain three different types of disease Miss Smith is at risk of developing. Ensure you give examples for the effects on Miss Smith’s health if she develops each type of disease. If your table expands over two pages make sure the headings appear on each page.

Type of disease                Name of disease              Why Miss Smith is at risk               What effects the disease would have on Miss Smith