How has chinas economic growth affected its environment Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

The Paper has to answer this question: “how has chinas economic growth affected its environment (Pollution, etc.) since the economic reforms and trade liberalization 36 years ago.”
please stick to the following format and include a literary review as mentioned.

1. Title The Question / argument
Precisely state the question / argument. Elaborate in a few additional sentences.
2. Past Research Relevant to This Question
Literature review.
3. My Contribution and My Hypothesis(es)/ Theory
State in how far what you want to do is different from the literature. If you are attempting a causal argument, clearly state your hypothesis(es)/ theory and/or the relationship between your hypothesis(es) and the established theory (or literature) in your field.
4. Research Design/ Data Collection Method
Describe and justify your choice of research design and data collection method (advantages/ disadvantages). “Data” can be numerical or non-numerical.
5. Data Analysis
(i) Present the data (or mathematical model, if that’s what you do), numerical or non-
numerical (information, facts).
(ii) Analyze the data (qualitatively or quantitatively or both). (iii) State the findings (such as that a particular statistical test shows that something is significant).
6. Interpretation of the Findings
Relate the findings to your research question. What do they “mean” for your research question? (This section can be very short, or can be the last paragraph of your data analysis section.)
7. Conclusions
Restate your question and your answer of the question. Feel free to also address the following issues: What are the implications of your research findings for theory, policy, or future research? If you originally stated a hypothesis and then found it confirmed, what evidence would you take as a sign that your hypothesis is false? Are there alternative explanations of a phenomenon you are explaining; if so, can you rule them out with your findings? What are the limitations
of your study? Any suggestions for further research?
8. References (unless included in footnotes)
References must follow the formatting of a journal (of your choice).