How does South Koreas Economical Arctic interests suggest independence for Greenland? Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

This paper has three parts to it the first is to identify South Korea’s aims and goals in the arctic and explore their economical/ trade interest. This will include their Arctic strategy, research and development in the region.
The second part of the paper is assessing Greenlands ability to gain independence and how this can be done through, human capital, fiscal independence and political desire. This should then be linked to the intentions of South Korea in order to formulate the theory and methodology of the research paper by applying International Relations theory.

The two theories that should be used are Neoliberalism and Realism. Various scholars within the two field should be used to support arguments and to reference. The theory is the bulk of the paper.

The structure of the paper:
A basic formula for the structure of the paper could be the following:

You start with an introduction including:
o what you want to investigate: description of your subject and your research question
o why you want to investigate this

You then state:
o what other people have said about your subject/problem
o and you continue by evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of their arguments

Then you:
o clarify the methods and theoretical approach you want to apply

You go on to:
o apply the approach on your case – the analysis

You formulate:
o an answer to your basic research question indicating what your analysis shows
o a critical self-evaluation of the theories, empirical material and methods you have applied

In the conclusion:
o you summarize your interesting findings and discuss their implications

Finally, you:
o Make sure that the formal requirements are fulfilled (references, quotation-marks, length, spelling etc.)