How does our new global culture alter ethnic literature

Project description
QUESTION Number two .
“ How does our new global culture alter ethnic literature? Why does Lee choose to have June change continents as she does, resolving her quest in Europe? What is Gogol’s relationship to both India, Russia, and Europe? How does global mobility change one’s relationship to the US as one’s adopted country? Are characters learning to be at home in several places, and what is the relationship of character or self-realization to place? You might begin by considering the function of each different country or continent for the characters. Friedman’s article could be a good starting place.
“ The Namesake: A Novel -Jhumpa Lahiri , Movie/ Chang-Rae Lee, The surrendered ,2010. book.
please make it good, simple and easy to understand. WRITE good thesis . add EXAMPLES to compare if you want about these countries, U.S , SAUDI ARABIA , Asia , and Europe .