How birth order affects children of divorce and their parent-child relationships Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

From the professor:

A) For this assignment you will propose a topic assignment that relates to parent child relationships. Once your topic is approved your task will be to continue researching and delving into two – three research (scholastic) articles dealing with your thesis topic.

B) After choosing your sources, you will write a paper comparing how the issue is treated by each of the sources. Offer an analysis and evaluation of each article you read (e.g. miniature lit review), explain how the similarities and/or differences relate to your thesis, and then make a determination as to which as well as how the article supports your personal view on the issue. Be sure to include a summary of your findings at the end of the paper (e.g. As per the research data, does it support your initial theory regarding the parent-child relationship?).

C) Some things to consider before choosing your articles are the following: the purpose of the article; whether the article in support of your opinion, qualifications of the author(s); results significance; contradictory evidence presented in the articles; theoretical viewpoint of the author; what kind of outside sources are cited; whether or not the information is logical; and any other information that is relevant.

Listed below are some examples of professional journals, as well as examples of popular periodicals. Keep in mind that this is a very short list; there are many others available.
A Short List of Academic Journals:
Child Development
Child Study Journal,
Child Today
Childhood Education
Journal of Divorce
Early Child Development & Care
Developmental Psychology
Journal of Marriage and Family
Social Forces
Journal of Family Issues
Young Children
Child Welfare
Family Relations
Journal of Social Issues
Gender & Society
Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences
Curriculum and Teaching Education and Society
Educational Practice and Theory

*The topic my professor approved for my paper is how birth order affects parent-child relationships within divorced families. Please keep in mind that this is a parent-child relations course so the paper will have to focus on this. 3 sources is the minimum but you are able to use more. You may first briefly write about how divorce affects parent-child relationships but the bulk of the paper should focus on this with the addition of birth order as a factor.

** The grading rubric is broken down into categories of Topic , Thesis, Parent/Child Relationship significance, Structure/Format (APA), Language use: sentences, grammar, etc., Effective written communication & clarity, Critical thinking and logical reasoning ability, Proper use of psychological concepts and theories, Analysis of research findings, Structure and execution, reference page, # of sources, Granted credit where credit is due (plagiarism discrepancy), and Execution of task.
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