Hospitality and Gastronomy in Saudi Arabia

Report about hospitality and gastronomy in Saudi Arabia


Student’s Name:
(50 marks)    ?    Addressed the selected topic
?    Demonstrated ability to review and analyse literature on topic in a systematic and thematic manner
?    Identified context of argument to the broader literature
?    Presented accurate knowledge of relevant and current thought
?    Demonstrated depth of coverage
?    Demonstrated critical analysis and understanding of the topic
?    Supported argument by relevant evidence, references and examples

Written presentation
(30 marks)    ?    Presented in an appropriate literary style with attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and expression
?    Presented an effectively structured essay with attention to:
?    paragraph structure and development of argument
?    overall structure with introduction and conclusion linked to the main body of the essay
?    presentation including essay title, page numbers and various sections
?    Demonstrated logic and clarity of exposition
(20 marks)    ?    Utilised material from academic sources
?    Included reference to academic journals and professional periodicals
?    Demonstrated ability to appropriately acknowledge and reference the work of others, citing all material as according to a recognised referencing system,

preferably the APA system
?    Demonstrated wide and varied reading on the topic