Healthy People 2010

1. What is the importance of conducting a needs assessment ? I think to make sure all americans are getting health access for example pre-natal care, health insurance coverage. etc.

2.How can health planners us epidemiological data and Healthy People 2010 ? I have read several web articles. The understanding the I have gotten is epidemiology is thee study of a disease that deals with how many people have it, where they are, how many new cases develop and how to control the disease.

3.What are the factors that influence the development of health behavior and how does Healthy People 2010 utliize this information ?. I think they utilize the data to find out the whether a certain disease rate is rising or lowering.

Please help lead me in the right direction. I have been pondering for a week. The more articles I read the more confused I get. There is such a vast amount of info such as CDC and other Healthy 2010 sites including Healthy 2000.