Hate violence -A Sociological Investigation Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

What is the purpose of this research?what are the aims and objectives?what do I want to find out?why?How do I intend to carry out the research?
1.defining the ‘hate violence’
2.when did the concept of hate violence become a statute?
3.different types of hate crime
4.what potential context,factors have determined this phenomenon of hate violence?
5.main motivations,reasons behind ‘hate crime’
Indicative bibliography:
Hate Crimes:Causes,Controls,Controversies by Phylis B.Gerstenfeld,Sage publications,2013
Violence &Society,by Larry Ray
Hate Crime by Nathan Hall
Hate Crime-Impact,Causes and Responses by Neil Chakraborti and Jon Garland
Hate Crime and the City by Paul Iganski
In the name of Hate by Barbara Perry
-setting out the dissertation in ‘book form’:with title page;abstract,acknowledgments;contents page;main body of the dissertation;bibliography;appendices.
-an abstract not exceeding 200 words in length.This will include the terms of reference of the dissertation,the methodology adopted and a brief statement of the results and conclusions.
-from the very beginning of the dissertation full records of authors,titles,publisher,date and page reference.

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