Grief and Depression

Differential Diagnosis_x000D_
Consider Andrew Quinn’s case with these changes:_x000D_
Mr. Quinn’s presenting symptoms and case details are the same, including that he has experienced symptoms of depression and has a history of a suicide attempt after his son’s death. He is currently experiencing elevated mood and increased energy for the past four days. He has reported not sleeping and instead, has been painting several rooms in his home. He has invested in several new companies, and has been productive at work lately. This behavior has significantly impacted his social and professional relationships, as evidenced by comments he has heard from friends and colleagues about his mood._x000D_
Develop a differential diagnosis for Mr. Quinn by referring to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and using the following from the DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis:_x000D_
€¢2.10 Decision Tree for Depressed Mood._x000D_
€¢3.4.1 Differential Diagnosis for Major Depressive Disorder._x000D_
Rationale and Considerations Paper_x000D_
Write a 2-page paper using the following format:_x000D_
€¢Using Chapter 1, “Differential Diagnosis Step by Step,” in the DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Diagnosis, follow each of the six steps and provide a rationale for your conclusion leading to a differential diagnosis: 1.Rule out malingering and factitious disorder._x000D_
2.Rule out substance etiology._x000D_
3.Rule out a disorder due to a general medical condition._x000D_
4.Determine the specific primary disorder(s)._x000D_
5.Differentiate adjustment disorders from the residual other specified or unspecified disorders._x000D_
6.Establish the boundary with no mental disorder._x000D_
€¢Include a brief statement addressing each of the following issues: —¾What is the role of culture and ethnicity in the diagnosis?_x000D_
—¾What are your legal or ethical concerns in this case? (Refer to the ACA Code of Ethics and your knowledge of specific laws regulating the counseling profession.)_x000D_
—¾Would you make an outside referral for this client based on this case? Specifically, would you refer to a physician, a specialist, or for inpatient treatment?_x000D_
€¢Include references to at least two additional scholarly resources._x000D_
€¢Be sure to follow APA (6th edition) guidelines throughout your paper. Use the APA Paper Template, located in the Resources, to complete this assignment. Follow the template instructions to properly format your paper._x000D_