Greenwashing Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

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Please write an analysis essay of Greenwashing. 1. Please must use mass media texts, and each one of a different type.
They could be a work of fiction, a film ( narrative or documentary), a news story, an advertisement, a work of art, etc. Please
use recent source as possible. 2. Analyze the text as a piece of environmental communication. Who created the text? Who
is the intended audience? You may choose to use Depoe’s frames, discuss its pragmatic and constitutive aspects, etc. 3.
Finally, evaluate the texts. Do you think that it is reliable (honest, factual) and effective(achieves its goal)? Note: something
can potentially be reliable, but not effective, and vice versa. You can use more than 3 sources. Thank you.
Also, I need 4slides of PowerPoint of the paper.