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Type of assignmentResearch Paper

Number of pages15

Language styleUS English

Type of serviceAcademic paper writing

Academic levelJunior (College 3rd year)


Paper formatTurabian with footnotes

Line spacingSingle

Number of sources60


DescriptionI become an internship in online shopping for doughnuts and beverages in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project that I have to do as an internship is open first initial store in a big shopping mall, Jakarta.

My desk job is to negotiate the new place, negotiate the design of the cafe and installing the cafe.

I have to make academic paper about my internship.

The comments from my professor will determine how the paper should be write.

I have 4 milestones, each milestone is the progress that I have to submit to my professor.

1.Milestone 1 is already done.

2.Milestone 2: Electronic submission of bibliography related to the topic and a theoretical framework.
requirements: Illustration of the topic’s theoretical framework based on a summary of the selected literature. (4 pages)
I also have to make a presentation of the theoretical part of the project. (10 minutes presentation)

3. Milestone 3: Electronic submission of a summary on the practical and empirical part.
Requirements: Short description of the practical part application within the respective company and of the empirical research performed or planned.
I also have to make a presentation of the practical part of the project. (10 minutes)

4. Milestone 4: Submission of the paper.
I also have to make a presentation of entire project (15 minutes)

I also need the page number in every footnotes where the resources taken from

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