Gluten free bread in the UK Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

Introduction (+/- 750 words)
• What is gluten?
Gliadins and glutenins
The importance of gluten in bread making
• Why gluten free diet?
The number of people in UK that require gluten free diets;
Celiac disease;
Gluten sensitivity; and other conditions that require gluten free diets
• Industrial relevance of gluten free bread production to the UK economy
The growing consumers trend to purchase “free-from” products;
The revenue generated from gluten-free products in the UK

Functionality of the ingredients used in wheat bread production (-/+ 400 words)
• Wheat
• Yeast
• Water
• Salt

Ingredients used in gluten free bread making to replace gluten (-/+ 2000 words)
(How are they produced; Functionality and nutritional importance)

• Starches:
==> Potato
==> Tapioca
==> Rice
==> Maize

• Fibres
==> Flaxseed
==> Psyllium husk
==> Rice bran

• Gums
==> Xanthan gum

• Humectants
==> Sugar
==> Glycerine
==> Treacle

• Egg albumin

Technologies used to improve the shelf- life of gluten free breads (+/- 500 words)
Compare shelf life of wheat bread (30 days) and gluten free bread (14 days) and technologies used to improve it such as -Immobilised enzymes and modified atmosphere packaging