“George Washington Written Upon the Land” by Philip Levy Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

History 23000162
“Essay I Assignment”
Book: Philip Levy, “George Washington Written Upon the Land: Nature, Memory, Myth, and Landscape”
You will write a short summary description of chapters 1, 2, and 3. These each should be no longer than five sentences
and should include a quoted example that illustrates what you have written about. At the end of the paragraph, the page
number you found the quote on should be provided. A reader should be able to look at your summary and know exactly
what the main points are in the chapter.
This should be typed. You can use the form on the second page or cutandpaste
that format into your own document. Be
sure to put both your name and your TA’s name on the first page. If you need a second page, be sure to staple your pages.
DO NOT use any other sources and you can be very sure that the instructor has read all the reviews online
and off and all
the summaries available. In other words, do not risk your grade or your college career by copying someone else’s writing
on this simple assignment.
As I mentioned in class on 2/26/2016, you should read the “Introduction” to Levy’s bookthat
will be a great help in
understanding what his overall subject is about, what the entire book argues, and how the chapters “fit” into that overall
argument. [It will make writing your chapter summaries MUCH easier if you also read that Introduction!]
Example of a chapter summary with quoted evidence (from another book):
In chapter one, “The Battle for Antarctica,” John Baker argues that the critical factor in the U.S. conquest of the Antarctic
Kingdom was the use of spy networks. He shows that the centuries of oppression of the minority group the “Snow People”
by the Antarcticans made them ready, by the time of the American invasion in 2130, to provide critical intelligence. He
explains how Snow People disguised themselves, created codes to pass information, and even sabotaged Antarctic
weapons. Baker says: “It is clear that without the Snow People’s assistance, the Americans would have failed in their
mission.” (23) The first chapter describes how local people and not just weapons were important to the American invasion.
Name: ______________________ Essay I Grading Section TA: _________________________
Chapter 1: “Somewhere This Had Beginnings”
Chapter 2: “Completing the Circuit of Memory”
Chapter 3: “The Subterranean Young Washington”