Friday Night Lights

Description: The Assignment: Write a 4-5 page definition argument answering the question of whether or not a text of your choice is literary. Is the tv series œFriday
Night Lights literary? Fill in the blank with any text of your choice that did not appear on the reading list for our class. You could choose a favorite novel, a
song, a TV show, a film. All of these are considered texts. Essentially, you will be conducting a definition argument for the term âliteraryâ (or âliteratureâ)
and applying this definition to a text of your choice. Characteristics of a Definition Argument ⢠A definition argument features sections which try to
establish the boundaries of a specific category. o In this case âliteratureâ is the category. ⢠We call those boundaries criteria. o Example: What criteria
would a text have to meet to be considered literary? ⢠Part of a definition argument involves defending the criteria. o Example: Why is it important for
literature to have well-rounded, dynamic characters? ⢠Another part of a definition argument calls for you to provide examples that illustrate whether or
not a given case meets the definition. Do this for your chosen text. o Example: A Song of Ice and Fire is literary because it has well-rounded, dynamic
characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen ⢠A definition argument should fairly summarize opposing views and respond to them with a
refutation or a concession. o Example: Some may argue that Martin relies on a lot of flat âstockâ characters; however . . . ⢠A good definition argument
will reflect in some way on why this definition matters. o Whatâs at stake in this definition? o So what? What does it mean? o This would probably be a
good conclusion technique. A good definition argument has: ⢠A strong, arguable central claim stating the writerâs definition and opinion as to whether
or not the text meets the definition. ⢠Multiple (3-4) criteria in direct support of the claim ⢠Multiple pieces of evidence from the chosen text to support
each point/criterion. Supply a good blend of direct quotes and paraphrases. ⢠Some response to opposing views. Length Requirements: Your paper must
be at least 4 full pages in length (not including the Works Cited page) when in proper MLA manuscript format Format Requirements: Your paper must be
submitted in MLA manuscript format including the use of in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Provide citations each time you borrow examples from
your text.