Force & Legal Compliance Essay.

Write an argument framed in the context of just ONE of the following philosophies we’ve discussed in class (utilitarianism, social contract theory, Marxism, or

deontology). This is not a personal opinion piece. And answer the following questions:

What could be immoral about œsocial responsibility or community ethics?
Likewise, do motives matter to morality? Or only the consequences?
For example, lots of politicians may have had œgood intentions when they banned alcohol during Prohibition, but there were unintended consequences to Prohibition

(just as there are unintended consequences to the War on Drugs today“violence, gangs, a huge prison populations, etc.
Can you think of other historical or contemporary examples of communities, societies or governments that attempted to suppress the economic demand or supply of a

product or service that some people want and pay for voluntarily?
Is such suppression by force justified? Why or why not?