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Fluor is among the biggest companies in the world that do construction, procurement, engineering, project management and maintenance. Since the year 1947, Fluor began being a constructive force in the middle east. In addition to supporting the region, Fluor has completed more than 600 projects in the Middle East, which are worth about 150 billion US dollars. Fluor Arabain Ltd has its mainoffice in Saudi Arabia located at Jabil.Also,the company has other offices around Saudi Arabia. One of these officesis located in Jeddah. This office had been in existence since 1996 when Fluor got a long-termcontractat King Abdulaziz University in project management and maintenance.


The manager of Fluor ArabianJohn had prepared a training schedule for, which runs for aboutten weeks under the professional engineers.The prepared schedule covers Health and Safety, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Quality Assurance, Planning Department, Surveying Department, and the Cost Control Department.

Health & Safety

The Health &Safety department at Flour is currentlyin the process of assuring the workers within the company of their health and safety. Also,the company is working to encourageworkers to use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in a bid toavoid any form of injury that may occur to the employees in the workplace. Engr. Ghani Haider is the head of health & safety department. As part of his duties,he gives orientations about the required PPE to both trainees and new employees. The candidates should attain the minimum PPE requirements. These requirements include the hard hat, safety glass, safety vest, safety shoes, and proper clothing. PPE helps in minimize any risks that may happen in the workplace. These risks may include physical injury, chemical reaction or mechanical problem.The Health & Safety departmentworks to determine some of the specific times that have been associated with a high percentage of risks that are most likely to occur in the workplace. The risks are described below:

  • Morning Time During the morning hours, some workers go towork carelessly. This is mostly witnessed among employees who are working with machinery. These peopletypically do not checkup the machinebefore starting their work on them. This may result in the occurrence of some injuries. For this reason, tool inspection is expected to be done every morning before work commences on the various equipment
  • Before & After Lunch Time

People often lose their concentration after working for about four consecutive hours. This will result in the loss of the concentration of the workers in the workplace. For this reason, workers try to complete all their assignments before lunch hours while they are still fresh and active. In some cases, some workers head to take a nap after they have had their lunch. This reduces the employee performance in the office during the afternoon hours. This lack of concentration can result in the occurrence of some risk factors that had been previously identified.

In Saudi Arabi, the week startson Sunday toThursday.As a result, both Friday and Saturday are considered to be the Weekend.In the minds of everyone, on Thursday, all workers will start thinking of the weekend, and none will do his job properly.

Civil Engineering

Flour Arabian Ltd works as the consultant for King Abdulaziz University on any project undertaken by the University. Engr. Aqeel Jamil and Civil Inspector Clement is the appointed Head of Civil Engineering Department.Some of the functions of the department are to check with the contractorsan