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In your responses, please identify the following:  Major issues: Identify the major problems including their causes in this section, so you can identify appropriate solutions later.  Potential solutions: This section evaluates potential solutions for the identified key problems. Often there is more than one solution, so it is useful to evaluate each solution in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. This will also assist in determining your recommendations.  Recommendations: This section should outline your recommendations based upon the given solutions for each of the identified problems. Your assignment should meet the following guidelines:

 A minimum of 400 words
 Formatted using APA Style, reference page
 Use your own words and include citations for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism.

Two firefighters were en route to a preplan, standing on top of the turntable (ladder truck). As the company approached a railroad bridge, both had to duck to avoid the top of the bridge. Although an engine company crew following directly behind the ladder witnessed the behavior they decided to take no action. However, an off-duty firefighter was driving on the same street and happened to pass by as these firefighters had to duck down. He called the fire chief to report the problem. The fire department had a written SOG/SOP requiring all personnel to ride in the cab and wear seat belts whenever the engine was in motion. Every member working that day failed to take any action and speak up conveying any concerns despite witnessing the improper behavior.

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