financial statements of Premier Foods plc Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Download the end-of-year financial statements of Premier Foods plc for the period 2009 – 2015. Prepare a business report, including appendices if needed. The report should cover the following:


  1. calculation of appropriate ratios that assess the financial health of the company. Only credit-related ratios should be calculated and any industry-specific requirements should be taken into account


  1. analysis of the trends of major categories of ratios and comparison with competitors and industry norms


  1. discussion of any major events which have affected the company’s operations/status/existence. These should be extended to include appropriate macro-economic and industry-specific considerations which should be discussed in the context of your analysis and not independently


  1. production and discussion of a credit rating of the company and recommendation of a credit line/credit limit for the company, based on the information given in the accounts and your calculation of ratios.


Note: Be sure that the content, format and style of the report conform to good practice. All tables, diagrams, ratios and calculations have to be included in appendices but analysed in the main report. Feel free to use diagrams and any other tools that might enhance your work.