“Fences” Act 2

“Fences” Act 2

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Paper instructions:

Please respond to the question below in one clearly-written & write 1/2 page only question. Another 1/2 a page I will post 2 classmates discussion then response in 2-3 sentences thanks.

“Fences” Act 2 Instructions

After you finish reading Act 2, choose ONE of these three questions and respond to it in a paragraph.

  1. Rose says to Troy, “Times have changed from when you was young. People change. The world’s changing around you and you can’t even see it.” (p. 909) Is she right? Discuss, keeping in mind the play is set in 1957.
  2. Discuss the play’s title. How is it a metaphor?
  3. Cory initially announces he is not attending Troy’s funeral at the end of the play. How/why does he change his mind?