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1.Feminism from the 1960s to present has gone through many changes to to accomplishments politically, culturally and
socially. Yet authors maintain that Feminism remains unfinished. In your essay examine how this is true or untrue using
political, cultural, and social examples from our readings and class discussions.
2. In Chapter 5 of Andrew Hardmans book on page 135. Paragraph 2 to page 137, there is a discussion of how the left and
the right have critiqued feminism with regards to the family. How does “feminism unfinished view the family? Which of the
arguments in Hartman do you agree with or do you find both of them problematic?
Race and class, thought they intersect with gender, have nonetheless proven to have created tentsons that were often
(some say still are) divisive. In the context of “feminism unfinished” examine those divisions and suggest how they can be
4. America has always had a problem with sexuality. It is certainly affected Feminism. Give some examples of how
Feminism has dealt with sexuality
Books: A history of the culture wars. A war for the soul of america… Andrew Hardman