Federal Aviation Act of 1958

Federal Aviation Act of 1958


Answer the following questions in paragraph form. Do not use one word answers or lists. Do not use sentence fragments. Proof-read and check your grammar and spelling. You will likely have to search the internet and/or EU library to find your answers. While I am not requiring you to cite your sources for this assignment; simply cut-and-paste your responses from other sources is prohibited. I will know if you do. Read the information, and then think about it enough to be comfortable answering in your own words. Additionally, I ask that you stick to reputable sources for your information. Use your best judgment. If you limit your searches to .gov, .org, .edu domains you will be reasonably assured that your sources are legitimate.

  • What issues influenced United States Congress to pass the Federal Aviation Act of 1958?
  • In your educated opinion, why was control of navigable airspace in the United States not given to the military?
  • Describe, in your own words, the mission of the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • What are Executive Orders?
  • Define the term” Rules Making “ as it applies to Federal Aviation Regulations.

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