Famous Journalist Research Project

Famous Journalist Research Project

Paper instructions:
Famous Journalist Research Project
Conduct a Research on the famous journalist Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Gather your information from a wide variety of sources: Internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, and biographic resources in the University Library. Include a reference list of all sources.

Interview a local journalist, newspaper editor, or broadcaster (radio, TV, or Internet) for that person’s professional perspective on the famous journalist. Include that interview in your article.

Watch at least one interview or story by your journalist, or a portion of one if an entire story is not available.
Write an article or story about the journalist selected (Anderson Cooper)

Introduce the journalist.
Describe his major accomplishments, why he or she is famous, and how he or she got started in journalism.
Include pertinent personal information.
Include your interview with the local journalist.
Use in text citations and at least 3 peer reviewed references, format paper to be consistent with APA guidelines.

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