Fairy Tales and the Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

Complete either option 1 or 2, not both:

Option 1:

What are some of the key features, motifs, images in the tale? What do you think it is about? What does the story mean? Is there a “moral to the story?” How might this story reflect status quo values? Patriarchal culture? The religious or spiritual dimensions of life? Are there things about the story you find odd, problematic, or intriguing?
Then, you were to read through the annotations for the lesson. What does this annotated information add to your understanding of the story, compared with your initial impressions and thoughts? Does the information in the annotations develop or challenge the ideas you jotted down after your first reading? How so?
Drawing on your responses to these questions and your reading, craft a 400 word response, and post to the course discussion board.

Option 2.

How well do you think Zipes’ reflections on the theme and function of “wonder” fits the story of Hansel and Gretel?
Answer this question in well-crafted reply of 400 words, and post to the course discussion board. Be sure to draw on the specifics of the story in your response.



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