Evaluating Security Control Impacts

Evaluating Security Control Impacts

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Evaluating Security Control Impacts

The Sheldon, Abercrombie, and Mili (2008) article proposes a framework for evaluating security control impacts on stakeholders in an organization. Do you think this framework is feasible in your organization (or the organization with which you are most familiar)? Why and why not? Choose a security requirement in your organization and discuss its impact on various stakeholders.

Response Guidelines

Respond substantively to at least two of your coursemates, sharing your insights and experiences. Consider reviewing the impacts and feasibility presented by your colleagues and provide each with further feedback as to what he or she may have overlooked or the unintended consequences of either, that may have been missed.

Your task is to design (i.e., layout and size)supply ductwork for a portion of a medical office building.  Using the drawing provided, which shows locations of supply diffusers, return grills, and the RTU (which serves as the AHU), show where the ductwork will be laid out, and indicate the size of circular duct for all portions of the ductwork.  The supply diffusers are shown as red boxes and the RTU is labeled as such. 

To determine CFM per diffuser, use the “1 square foot = 1 CFM” rule-of-thumb.  (Hint: The ceiling tiles shown on the plan are each 2’ x 2’.)

Assume all ducts will be circular. 

Assume friction loss of 0.1.

You may use a duct calculator from class, borrow one from my office, or use an online calculator.  Please return them to me in class when you are finished.

Your submittal must be easy to read and professional in appearance, and the duct sizes must be reasonably accurate.