European nations

1. What were the major factors that enabled European nations to overtake and eventually control the various states and societies in Africa? Please include in your discussion the role of explorers, traders and missionaries in this effort. Include in your essay five major regions in Africa. Discuss in detail what these five major regions did to fight against European aggression. What were the major strengths associated with these major regions and/or people? What were the major weaknesses of these four major regions and/or people? What role did Christianity, Islam, and indigenous religion play in the domination of Africa by Europeans? Please include in your discussion Imperialism, the scramble for Africa, the Partition of Africa, the long term implications of the Partition of Africa, and the role of Ethiopia in the Partition. Please noted which factor you believe was the most likely reason Europeans engaged in the partitioning process. Your argument on this issue should all be backed up by the readings in your text.